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Dealing with The News Media

News Media Have You in Their Sights?

  Terrible things can happen to good people and good organizations. When they do, more often than not, the news media is not far behind. It can’t happen to you? Don't think it for a moment. Bad things do happen, to large organizations and small, on a daily basis.

When the unthinkable happens, or even something mildly annoying, the worst thing you can do is to not be prepared with proper crisis planning. An integral component of proper crisis planning is media training by The Dean Group. We’ll teach you how to deal with the news media during any situation.

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Why Media Training?
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on dealing with the News Media

Strategic planning and on-camera training prepare you and your organization for media contact. Learn what really goes on inside newsrooms and how to use it to your organization's advantage.

Learn what to do and what not to do, including tips on how to hold a news conference and more. We custom-design each program for our clients' short and long-term needs.

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